Jurassica Museum

Photo exhibition 'Jura flora' in the Botanical Garden Park

Affiche Flore jurassienne

A new photo exhibition by Muriel Schüpbach 'Jura Flora' in the JURASSICA Botanical Garden from 14 June 2024.

Behind the camera...!

As an amateur photographer, my passion for nature has been with me since childhood. I devote a large part of my leisure time and vacations to pursuing this passion. Being self-taught, I learnt the various photographic settings through hands-on experience.

I have participated multiple times in the Festival de la Salamandre, the Rencontres Photographiques de Tramelan and other photographic festivals. I've also been fortunate enough to win prizes in several photo competitions.

Through my photos, my aim is to portray the different aspects of nature that surround us: the vibrant colours of a sunrise, the autumn mist dancing in the fir trees or the fragile and ephemeral beauty of a butterfly fluttering in a meadow!

With these pictures, I hope to inspire you to go for a walk and discover a flower, a bird or an insect along the way! By showcasing the most beautiful things nature has to offer, I also hope to raise awareness of its fragility and, perhaps, inspire you to join in its preservation!


The temporary exhibition will be on view from 14 June 2024 to 23 March 2025.

Opening hours


Getting there

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