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Apiparcours and Apiary

Bees are some of the most useful insects on the planet. Alongside other insects, they are responsible for 80% of flowering plant pollination. Pollination is essential for fruit to grow and, by extension, for plant reproduction. Unfortunately, wild bees are in decline due to the scarcity of nesting sites and the use of pesticides.

To inform its public, JURASSICA has chosen to install an educational Apiary and an Apiparcours in the park of its Botanical Garden.

The Apiparcours

The Apiparcours is an 8-stage tour of the mysterious world of bees. The aim of this trail is to make young and old aware of the role that bees play in the environment and the dangers that threaten them. It also invites the walker to adopt useful gestures to help them in a simple and appropriate way.

A small leaflet with twelve games linked to the panels of the trail (questions and answers, true-false, colouring, mazes, etc.) is available for children on the site.

The educational apiary

Our apiary-nursery consists of 2 complete hive bodies (body, superstructure, double superstructure) and 6 simple hive bodies (without superstructures).  The MEIKA Swiss hive or shop hive system chosen for this apiary allows the public and classes to discover, through glass, the bees and the activity within the colony without taking the risk of opening the nuclei. Visitors accompanied by a guide can observe the creation of cells, young queens, fertilisation and the different stages of the brood.

Nuclei 2023

Nuclei 2023

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