Jurassica Museum

Jura: the depths of the Jurassic seas

Between 150 and 200 million years ago, the Jura region bathed in the warm waters of a shallow tropical sea. Coral reefs, sea urchins, bivalves, ammonoids, fish, turtles and crocodiles lived in this sea, while dinosaurs roamed ashore, leaving their footprints on vast beaches.

This exhibition takes an original and educational approach in presenting the ecology and biology of these fossil species. A long display reproduces the submarine landscape of the era, from the shore to coral reef and the open sea. The fossils are arranged based on the habitat they once lived in, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in this fascinating period of time to which our region gave its name: the Jurassic.

Jura: the depths of the Jurassic seas Jura: the depths of the Jurassic seas

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