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Scientific team


PD Dr Damien Becker Director Lecturer & Research Scientist
PD Dr Olivier Maridet Collection Conservator Senior Lecturer & Research Scientist
PD Dr Davit Vasilyan


Dr Sergei Lazarev SNF Project (200021_197323): Late Miocene precipitation changes


Pavlo Otriazhyi


Eva Simonutti MSc, Uni. Montpellier (2021) A new Elasmotheriinae (Mammalia, Rhinocerotidae) species in the European Early Miocene, phylogenetic and paleobiogeographic implications
Xiaoyu Lu PhD, Univ. Fribourg (2016–2020)
Evolution of European Gliridae and brachiolophodont dental patterns
(SNF 200021-162359)
Jérémy Tissier PhD, Uni. Fribourg (2016–2020)
Impact of the Grande Coupure event (Eocene / Oligocene boundary) on the evolutionary history of European Rhinocerotoidea (Perissodactyla, Mammalia)
(SNF 200021-162359)
Léa Veine-Tonizzo MSc, Uni. Rennes 1 (2020) Cranio-dental anatomy and phylogeny of Amynodontidae (Rhinocerotoidea, Perissodactyla)
Jonathan Gavelle MSc, Uni. Rennes 1 (2020) Middle Miocene Diplocynodon (Alligatoroidea) from Gračanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Yufen Rong PhD, IVPP / Uni. Fribourg (2018–2019)
Ontogeny of the Jurassic salamander Chunerpeton tianyiensis inferred from the living Chinese giant salamander
(Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships)

Charlène Gaillard

MSc, Uni. Fribourg (2016–2018) The Miocene vertebrate fauna of "La Petite Morée", Glovelier (Jura): first descriptions and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction
Claire Jame MSc, Uni. Rennes 1 (2018) Etude de l'anatomie, de la phylogénie et de la paléoécologie des Rhinocerotidae de la localité de Wischberg (Miocène inférieur, Suisse)
Karin Scherz MSc, Uni. Fribourg (2015–2017) An assessment of the phylogeny of cats (Felidae), including Smilodon gracilis, using the morphology of the petrosal bone
Laure Bapst MSc, Uni. Fribourg (2013–2017) Régime alimentaire et évolution des périssodactyles européens durant l'Eocène et l'Oligocène
Mélina Dini MSc, Uni. Fribourg (2012–2016) Etude des restes de Bison priscus provenant des remplissages pléistocènes des dolines d'Ajoie
Kevin Choffat BSc, Uni. Fribourg (2014–2016) Les grands mammifères du Miocène jurassien


PD Dr Jérémy Anquetin Education & Research Manager Senior Lecturer & Research Scientist
Dr Lara Sciscio Digital Collections Manager Senior Lecturer & Research Scientist
Gaël Comment, MSc Geol. Scientific Collaborator Education and Regional Geology


Irena Raselli University of Fribourg, 2018– SNF project (205321_175978): Crocodylomorphs


Léa Girard MSc, Uni. Rennes 1 (2021) Description of a new metriorhynchid skeleton (Crocodylomorpha, Thalattosuchia) from the Kimmeridgian of Porrentruy, Switzerland
Sophie de Sousa Oliveira MSc, Uni. Rennes 1 (2021) Scientific illustration of a new metriorhynchid skeleton (Crocodylomorpha, Thalattosuchia) from the Kimmeridgian of Porrentruy, Switzerland


Dorine Pesquet MSc, Uni. Rennes 1 (2020) Revision of Jurassichelon, a Late Jurassic coastal marine turtle from Europe
Marine Andrey BSc, Uni. Fribourg (2018)

Were some thalattosuchian crocodylomorphs of the Upper Jurassic chelonivorous?

Charlotte André Master 1, Uni. Lille (2017) Description of a new turtle cranium from the Purbeck Group, Dorset, UK
Dr Hugo Martín Abad Postdoctorant (2016) Bony fish (Osteichthyes) from the Late Jurassic of the Porrentruy area
Dr Delphine Chinchilla Botanical Garden Curator
Colette Gremaud Botany Academic Assistant
Marc Lambelet Botanist Garderner
Patrick Röschli Illustrations, scientific drawings
Renaud Roch Preparation, conservation
Ping Li Academic Assistant with responsibility for managing the Museum collections
Dr Ladislaus Reser Entomology
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