Jurassica Museum

Dr Delphine Chinchilla

Dr Delphine Chinchilla

Head of the Botanical garden

JURASSICA Botanical garden
Route de Fontenais 21
2900 Porrentruy
Tel. +41 32 420 9217

Delphine Chinchilla has an academic background in Plant Science and, as an independent researcher, she contributed to the development of knowledge in plant immunity and their capacity to identify microbes. Working on the infinitely small, at the molecular level, on various projects, she has also developed solid technical expertise in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Plant Physiology.

Since September 2022, she has taken on the challenge of supervising the scientific activities of the JURASSICA Botanical Garden. As curator, she is responsible for managing the botanical collections and the botanical projects that develop at the museum and the garden.


Current position

Since Sept. 2022 Curator, JURASSICA Botanical garden, Porrentruy, Switzerland

Employment history

2020–2022                   Associated researcher, Prof. Klaus Schläppi lab, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Basel, Switzerland
2019 French teacher for foreign adults, Ecole Tremplin, Delémont, Switzerland
2017–2019 Associated researcher, Prof. Laure Weisskopf lab, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
2006–2014 Independent researcher, Botanical Institut, Basel, Switzerland
2003–2006 Postdoctoral fellow, Prof. Thomas Boller lab, Botanical Institut, Basel, Switzerland

Academic background

1999–2003 PhD Plant Sciences, CNRS, University Paris XI, France
1998–1999 MSc (DEA) Phytopathology, University Paris VI Grignon, France
1994–1998 BSC Cellular Biology and Physiology, University Paris XII, France

Past research thematics

2020–2022                                  Analysis of the Arabidopsis phenotype in response to the root bacterial microbiota
2017–2019 The role of volatile sulfur compounds emitted by microbiota bacteria in the biocontrol of potato late blight caused by Phytophthora infestans
2006–2014 The function of the membrane protein BAK1 in plant immunity
2003–2006 Recognition of microbes by plant surface receptors leading to immunity
1998–2003 The role of ankyrin-motif protein kinases in plant development and in the symbiosis between leguminous plant Medicago spp. and the bacteria Rhizobium meliloti


SNF project [CHF 350,964 / SNF 31003A-138255 / PI]
The function of BAK1 in plant immunity
SNF project [CHF 318,000 / SNF 31003A-120655 / PI]
Regulation of LRR-receptor kinases in plant innate immunity
1999–2002 PhD studentship, French Ministry for Higher Education and Research (MENRT)

Professional services

  • National and international scientific communication
  • Technical laboratory skills in biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, cell biology
  • Supervision of MSc and PhD students
  • Teaching laboratory research practice to university students
  • Reviewer and expert for the following scientific journals:  PLOS geneticsNature GeneticsNature PlantsNature CommunicationsACS Chemical BiologyThe Plant CellPlant PhysiologyPlant JournalPlant Molecular BiologyPlant Functional BiologyMolecular Plant-Microbe InteractionsMolecular Plant PathologyJournal of Experimental BotanyNew PhytologistFrontiers in Plant ScienceTrends in Plant Science, Plant Signaling and BehaviorEnvironmental Microbiology and Environmental Microbiology Reports
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