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PD Dr Jérémy Anquetin

PD Dr Jérémy Anquetin

Senior Lecturer

Route de Fontenais 21
2900 Porrentruy
Tel. +41 32 420 9208


Department of Geosciences
University of Fribourg
Chemin du musée 6
1700 Fribourg

I am a vertebrate paleontologist specializing in fossil turtles, but I am also interested in other groups of Mesozoic vertebrates. I obtained my PhD from the University College London and the Natural History Museum London (UK) in 2009. Subsequently, I worked at the University of Rouen (France), the National Museum of Natural History in Paris (France), and the Section of Archeology and Paleontology in Porrentruy (Switzerland). I am part of the JURASSICA Museum research team since late 2015.


Research thematics

  • Description of a rich assemblage of coastal marine turtles discovered during the construction of the A16 highway near Porrentruy, Switzerland (Kimmeridgian, Late Jurassic)
  • Global revision of the European Late Jurassic coastal marine turtles (Thalassochelydia)
  • Evolution of Mesozoic vertebrate communities at the regional scale
  • Deep-time morphological evolution of reptiles


Turtles, Reptiles, Anatomy, Systematics, Phylogeny, Paleobiogeography, Jurassic, Mesozoic



Current position

Since 2015 Senior Lecturer, JURASSICA Museum, Porrentruy, Switzerland

Employment history

2013–2015 Researcher, Section d’archéologie et paléontologie, République et Canton du Jura, Porrentruy, Switzerland
2011–2013 Freelance scientific and technical translator, Saint Aignan, France
2009–2011 Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Earth History, Muséum national d’histoire naturelle, Paris, France
2009–2010 Temporary Lecturer, Department of Geology, University of Rouen, France
2008–2009 Temporary Assistant Lecturer and Researcher, Department of Geology, University of Rouen, France

Academic background

2016 Venia legendi (Habilitation), University of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland
2005–2009 PhD Vertebrate Palaeontology, University College London (UCL) and Natural History Museum, London, UK
PhD thesis: A new stem turtle from the Middle Jurassic of the Isle of Skye, Scotland, and a reassessment of basal turtle relationships [eprint]
2004–2005 Master 2 Systematics, Evolution, Paleontology, Muséum national d’histoire naturelle, Paris, France
MSc thesis: Anatomie crânienne des Chalicotheriinae (Perissodactyla, Mammalia) du Miocène moyen et supérieur d’Europe ; implications phylogénétiques
2003–2004 Master 1 Earth Sciences option Paleontology, University of Poitiers, France


2017 SNF Project (2018–2022) [CHF 300,000 / SNF 205321_175978 / PI]
2016 EC-funded Synthesys grant (DE-TAF-6616)
2016 EC-funded Synthesys grant (AT-TAF-6599)
2014 EC-funded Synthesys grant (FR-TAF-5017)
2013 EC-funded Synthesys grant (GB-TAF-3481)
2009 EC-funded Synthesys grant (GB-TAF-226)
2009 Postdoctoral grant, Simone and Cino del Duca Foundation (awarded to Dr Philippe Janvier, MNHN, Paris, France)
2005 PhD studentship, Natural History Museum, London, UK


2017 Courtedoux Nova (Late Jurassic), Switzerland (2 weeks) [PI]
2016 Courtedoux Nova (Late Jurassic), Switzerland (2 weeks) [PI]
2015 Anoual (Middle Jurassic–Early Cretaceous), Morocco (2 weeks) [PI: Dr Emmanuel Gheerbrant, MNHN]
2015 Angeac-Charente (Early Cretaceous), Charente, France (1 week) [PI: Dr Ronan Allain, MNHN]
2014 Angeac-Charente (Early Cretaceous), Charente, France (1 week) [PI: Dr Ronan Allain, MNHN]
2006 Las Hoyas Lagerstätte (Early Cretaceous), Cuenca, Spain (2 weeks) [PI: Dr Angela Buscalioni, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid]
2006 Kilmaluag Formation (Middle Jurassic), Isle of Skye, Scotland (1 week) [PI: Dr Paul M. Barrett, NHM]

Professional services

  • Founder and Manager: Peer Community in Paleontology (2018–)
  • Steering Committee: PaleorXiv (2017–)
  • Academic Editor: PeerJ (2014–)
  • Peer reviews: complete list on Publons
  • Associations: Palaeontological Association, European Association of Vertebrate Palaeontologists, Association Paléontologique Française


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