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Irena Raselli

Irena Raselli

SNF PhD student

Route de Fontenais 21
2900 Porrentruy
Tel. +41 32 420 9213


Department of Geosciences
University of Fribourg
Chemin du musée 6
1700 Fribourg
I am a PhD student in vertebrate paleontology and I am interested in the evolution of the reptile cranium. After a Bachelor in Geology from the University of Bern, I obtained a Master in Geosciences specialized in the Evolution of Earth and Life from the University of Fribourg. In addition to my PhD project on the evolution of the cranium in Crocodylomorpha, I also engage in various activites (visits, exhibitions, teaching) at the Jurassica Museum.

Research thematics

  • Morphological Evolution of Crocodylomorpha in Deep Time
  • Morphology of the Coastal Marine Turtle Plesiochelys bigleri of the Upper Jurassic
  • Comparative Cranial Morphology of the Late Cretaceous Sea Turtle Desmatochelys lowii 


Crocodylomorpha, Testudines, Cranial anatomy, Morphological evolution, Geometric morphometrics, 3D modelisation



  • (4)  Burek I, Anquetin J. 2018. New material from the Banné Marls (Kimmeridgian) in Glovelier (JU) reveals novel insights on plesiochelyid turtle morphology. 16th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Bern, Switzerland. [Oral]
  • (3)  Burek I. 2018. Comparative cranial morphology of the Late Cretaceous protostegid sea turtle Desmatochelys lowii. 5th International Palaontological Congress, Paris, France. [Oral]
  • (2)  Burek I. 2016.Comparative cranial morphology of Desmatochelys lowii and modern marine turtles. 14th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland. [Poster]
  • (1)  Burek I, Anquetin J, Comment G. 2016. A paleontological field school organized in Canton Jura. 14th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland. [Poster]


Current position

Since 2018 PhD Candidate, JURASSICA Museum and University of Fribourg

Professional background

2015–2018 Assistant, lectures in Geology and Paleontology, University of Fribourg
2013–2015 President, Students Commitee of Geology and Mineralogy of the University Bern

Academic background

Master in Earth Sciences, Geosciences Department, University of Fribourg
Master Thesis : Comparative cranial morphology of the Late Cretaceous sea turtle Desmatochelys lowii [supervisor : Prof. W.G. Joyce]
Bachelor in Earth Sciences, Institute of Geology, University of Berne
Bachelor Thesis : Quarzmikrostrukturen und ihre Variation am Übergang vom Aar-Massiv zur Gotthard-Decke [supervisor : Prof. M. Herwegh]


2018 Angeac-Charente (Lower Cretaceous), Charente, France (1 week) [Dr Ronan Allain, MNHN, Paris]
2017 Courtedoux Nova (Upper Jurassic), Switzerland (2 weeks) [Dr Jérémy Anquetin]
2016 Courtedoux Nova (Upper Jurassic), Switzerland (2 weeks) [Dr Jérémy Anquetin]

Professional memberships

  • Associations: Swiss Palaeontological Society (2015–), European Association of Vertebrate Palaeontologists (2018–), Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (2019-)


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