Jurassica Museum

Molasse Meeting 2019

Joint interim colloquium of RCMNS


4-5 MAY 2019



!!! EXTENDED DEADLINE 14.03.2019 !!!


We are glad to welcome the Molasse Meeting 2019 in Porrentruy, Switzerland. The meeting will be held at the JURASSICA Museum, Porrentruy, Switzerland from the 4th to 5th May, 2019.

A two-day meeting will be organized that acts also as an interim colloquium of the RCMNS. The meeting welcomes presentations concerning stratigraphy, sedimentology, palaeontology, tectonics, palaeogeography and landscape evolution of the Molasse Basin, Upper Rhine Graben as well as nearby basins. In order to facilitate discussion, contributions will be combined in consecutive sessions. Participants are invited to propose topics within the framework of the general theme.

The participants will have possibilities to present their contribution as both talks and posters during the first day of the meeting. The second circular will announce the final program and duration of talks (with discussion).

The poster session will be organised close to the lecture room with the available space for poster of DIN A0 format in portrait orientation. We plan to organize an official poster session, during which the participants will have opportunity to present their posters directly.

English will be the official language of the conference.


Conference fee

Estimated costs amount to 30 CHF for the conference, which includes organization costs, abstract book, coffee breaks and a lunch package.


Conference dinner

A conference dinner (3 course meal) is planned in the Auberge du Mouton in the evening of the 04.05. and will cost up to 53 CHF (depending on menu) excluding the drinks.


We would like to announce also an “unofficial icebreaker party” on the Friday evening (03.05). We will look for a pub / bar where we can have a drink, which are not included in the conferens/dinner fees [you would directly pay for the drinks at the pub / bar]



On the second day of the meeting (05.05.) a field trip will be organized. The excursion fee of 30 CHF includes transportation, field guide and lunch package. According to the preliminary plan of the field trip we will visit the following selected outcrops and localities of the Jura Molasse and Rhine-Graben:


1. Réchésy, ?Lutetian-Rupelian, southernmost Upper Rhine Graben, proximal “Steingang” / “Conglomérats de Porrentruy” fanglomerates;

2. Glovelier, lower Miocene, terrestrial equivalent of the OMM maximal transgression;

3. Vermes, lower Miocene, freshwater limestone of the OSM;

4. Laufen, upper Rupelian, Laufen Subbasin, southernmost Upper Rhine Graben, marine to deltaic sediments of the Froidefontaine Subgroup-Molasse alsacienne transition.


Further information on the final plan of the field trip will be announced in the second circular and during the first day of the meeting on 04.05.



Payment: you can pay the registration and excursion fees as well as for the conference dinner on the first day of the conference (04.05.2019). All participants will receive a confirmation of the payment during the meeting.


Please consider the following: the field trip will finish in the quarry of Laufen (47.419240, 7.502681), so you may plan your departure from Laufen train station. You may also consider that on the way back we can drop you at the Delémont or Porrentruy train stations.



In Porrentruy, there are a number of hotels, in which you may book also an accommodation.


In addition to this, the Hôpital du Jura offers also rooms for a smaller budget. To make a reservation please visit the website of the hospital. By foot it takes about 20-30 minutes to reach the conference venue.


Interested to join?

Please send to davit.vasilyan@jurassica.ch your registration until 25.02.2019 by


The abstract template form is available for download here for preparation of your abstract.


The final program will be announced during the first half of April 2019. The second circular will also include directions to the conference venue.


QUICK CHECK: Deadlines, Key Dates, Brief Conference Program And Fees:

  • !!! EXTENDED DEADLINE 14.03.2019 !!!
  • 25.02.2019: Abstract submission and registration
  • April 2019: 2nd circular with final meeting program
  • 04.05.2019: scientific presentations, conference dinner
  • 05.05.2019: field trip to the Oligocene and Miocene sites.


  • 30 CHF Conference fee
  • 30 CHF Field trip
  • 40 CHF  Conference dinner


Looking forward to meeting you in Porrentruy


Davit Vasilyan:          davit.vasilyan@jurassica.ch

Claudius Pirkenseer: claudiusmarius.pirkenseer@unifr.ch

Damien Becker:        damien.becker@jurassica.ch

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