Jurassica Museum

Permanent exhibition

Plan du jardin botanique

•          1. The Lycée Cantonal's Foucault pendulum

•          2. Arboretum

•          3. Systematic garden

•          4/5. Jura garden

•          6. Multiplication greenhouse

•          7. Carnivorous plant and fern greenhouse

•          8. Orchid and bromeliad greenhouse

•          9. Succulent greenhouse

•          10. Large tropical greenhouse

•          11. Small tropical greenhouse

•          12. Mediterranean greenhouse

•          13. Miscellaneous plants

•          14. Museum Arboretum

•          15. Museum grounds and sculptures


The Botanical garden comprises an eastern section featuring seven themed greenhouses, and a western section consisting of an outdoor garden that lies between the buildings of the Lycée Cantonal, the entrance to which is guarded by an unusual installation: the Foucault pendulum. The Botanical garden welcomes over 15,000 visitors every year.

The outdoor garden is divided into different areas, including: an arboretum with 100-year-old trees; a collection of over 80 varieties of roses and 180 irises that border the systematic garden; and the Jura garden, which features over 800 species of indigenous plants.

Built in 1961, the greenhouses recreate different plant habitats, immersing visitors in contrasting environments. Some are reference collections, such as the cacti and Tillandsia. They are a fantastic laboratory for breeding plants and an important source of seeds for exchanging with other botanical gardens around the world (Index seminum).

The Botanical garden also stretches around the Museum, where historic fruit tree varieties from the Ajoie region are preserved in an arboretum.

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