Jurassica Museum



Senior management

PD Dr Damien Becker Director Lecturer & Research Scientist

Finance and human resources

Anne Schlüchter Accounting Secretary
Rachèle Gigandet ICT Manager and Human Resources Assistant


Education and communication

Francine Barth Unit Manager
Gaël Comment Scientific Collaborator Education and Regional Geology
Florent Goestchi Scientific Education Officer
Marilou Klein Communication Officer
Rolf Stouder Museum Technician


Botanical garden and conservatory

Dr Delphine Chinchilla Botanical Garden Curator
Gérald Burri Head Gardener
Marc Lambelet Botanist Garderner
Stéphane Rubin Gardener
Gilles Monnier Gardener
Colette Gremaud Academic Assistant

Management and conservation of the Museum collections (ASSG1)

PD Dr Olivier Maridet Collection Conservator Senior Lecturer & Research Scientist
Dr Lara Sciscio Digital Collections Manager Senior Lecturer & Research Scientist
Ping Li Academic Assistant


Education and research (ASSG1)

PD Dr Jérémy Anquetin Education & Research Manager Senior Lecturer & Research Scientist

Scientific services (ASSG1)

PD Dr Davit Vasilyan Scientific Services Manager Senior Lecturer & Research Scientist
Renaud Roch Preparation, conservation
Patrick Röschli Illustrations, scientific drawings

1ASSG: Auxiliary Scientific Service in Geosciences

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