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museums 3D

From New York to Porrentruy: natural science museums through the anaglyphs of Olivier Noaillon

Producing 3D images has long been a technological obsession of both photographers and the film industry.
An anaglyph comprises two superimposed images, representing the same scene but taken from slightly different perspectives, and processed with two complementary colours. The end result, when seen through two-colour glasses, is a 3D image.
Olivier Noaillon created a series of anaglyphs when he visited seven iconic natural science museums around the world. The photographs in this exhibition allow visitors to explore these institutions from a different angle.


museums 3D

From New York to Porrentruy, via London, Paris, Geneva, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Basel… put on your glasses and discover museums in 3D!

Area: approx. 100 sqm

Price: CHF 500/month (excluding VAT, insurance and transport)

"3D museums" is available as a travelling exhibition. For more information, please contact the Jurassica Museum.

info@jurassica.ch / 032 420 92 00

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